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How to get the most out of an Instagram Post


Not seeing growth on your instagram?

You just snapped the perfect photo. You imagine the fame and notoriety it will bring you. Surely, this photo is your ticket to Instagram stardom and vast, untold fortunes. You pair it phrasing that eloquently communicates the moment, while ensuring you will forever be known for your vast vocabulary – “Saturday B*****s!” … obviously. You hit post and prepare for your new life as a superstar… only to receive a handful of likes and possibly some robo-comment like “Super! ” or “Please visit my page, I think you will like.”

Okay, so maybe you aren’t quite that dramatic and your expectations were not quite so high. That certainly doesn’t stop it from being disappointing when your masterpiece doesn’t get any more reverence than the rest of your posts. The sad truth is going “viral” isn’t as simple as putting great content out there and letting Instagram do the work. There are many factors that play into whether a post will go viral or not, however there are some simple steps you can take to help give your posts more exposure and better odds of success.

Include Hashtags

Including hashtags that are relevant to your post can do wonders for gaining exposure. Find the most popular hashtags related to your post and include them in the post. One simple way to do so is by using an app such as Leetags (that’s my personal favorite) which will show and allow you to copy the most popular hashtags on a given subject or keyword. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags in a post, use as many as possible while doing so tastefully. Try not to use hashtags that are not relevant, and try not to overrun the post.

Engage users

Perhaps the best thing you can do is to engage other Instagram users. Comments on a post help the post move up the Instagram food chain, so-to-speak. Try to get your followers to comment on your post, and be sure to respond to as many as possible. Tag accounts who would be interested in the post, and try to get influencers who are involved with the same niche to engage or even share your post.

Add a comment or two

Although it may feel like you are talking to yourself, don’t be afraid to comment on your own post. As I said before, comments help posts rank higher, even if you have to comment on your own posts. Use the comments to tag other accounts, influencers or insert additional hashtags.

These few tips alone won’t give you millions of followers, but they will help you move from posting to your friends to posting to the world. Utilize these steps with each and every post, stay consistent and you will notice your account growing. Where it stops, is up to how much you put into it!

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