About us

Web-driven marketing, for a web-driven world.

Great Marketing LLC is a new web-marketing business striving to bring efficiency, fresh ideas and a modern approach to businesses which have fallen behind in the web-enabled age. We work with freelancers to bring our customers top quality design and marketing from the best in the business.

Ryan Ogurek


"People and businesses are hungry for web-marketing that actually delivers a quality product without overcharging and leaving them feeling like they should have gotten more. I started Great Marketing to change that." - Ryan Ogurek

Ryan Ogurek is the Founder and CEO of Great Marketing LLC. He originally formed Great Marketing as a sole proprietorship in late 2017 with the goal of building an e-commerce driven, web-marketing business. After being joined by Keaton Luther as a partner, they reorganised the business as an LLC, and formed Great Marketing LLC.

Ryan has a strong background in web content, having worked in journalism and as an automotive photographer. Ryan also has a natural insight and innovative mindset that has helped Great Marketing LLC grow quickly and overcome obstacles which have arisen.

Keaton Luther


"I've built my own empire utilizing proven tactics combined with innovation. Now, I'd like to help build your empire." - Keaton Luther, CEO

At the age of 16, Keaton was on his own due to parents battling a drug and alcohol addiction. Thirteen years later, he was a millionaire.

Today, at age 30, Luther is a renowned businessman and stock trader. His primary venture, Luther Towing & Service Inc. is involved in more than 10,000 transport transactions per year, throughout Minnesota and upper Midwest. While he is mostly known for his successes building and growing companies with greatly increased sales, over the last few years Luther has almost single-handedly built an investment empire. His investment vehicle, Luther Towing, has been rated industry leader and top 1% in the nation.

Now Luther plans to bring that same growth not only to Great Marketing LLC, but also to the business's clients.